And for a Dussehra Friday, full of festivities, let all of us irrespective of caste, Religion, Language or Race, celebrate the Victory of Good over Evil.


This day should inspire all of us to fight against all Evils and the biggest of all Evils in India is “CORRUPTION”. Let us not blame others. We are all equally responsible. Some of us are unable to do anything whilst others may be unwilling. It all helps to breed more and more corrupt practices.

How ingenious ways are found. Jaypal Swamy Dy Commissioner Income Tax used his Jeweller friend and accomplice – Kamlesh Shah to whom the Victim Assesse was forced to give cheques of 3crores as bribes and Jaypal Swamy collected equivalent Gold. No cash involved. All clean above board transactions (CBI has caught him).

More complicated the Tax Laws, more the exemptions. Higher the discretions to IT officers, higher the chances of misuse and more chances of corruption. Whilst no doubt that with Technology a lot has improved, but much more needs to be done.

Maybe we learn from President Trump who is simplifying tax laws in US. Just three slabs. All discretion and exemptions off. An average American he says, should be able to file the Tax Return on a Single sheet of Paper. Same should be in India. Why these exemptions? Why should rich and multimillionaire Indian farmers with Benz and Audi cars not be taxed at all.

Let this Dussehra remind us to celebrate Goodness over Evil, Right over Wrong, Lord Rama over Demon Ravana, Virtues over Vice and Ethics over Corruption. Let us build a clean India….. the Transparent way….. the SEEGOS way.