And for a Friday in Rainy, Cloudy, waterlogged , potholed but Energetic and Resurgent Mumbai….. some thoughts…..


Nothing to beat this City’s amazing capabilities to overcome trouble after trouble, some God ordained – have to bear it, but some man made – totally avoidable.

After the heavy rains on Tuesday, what was totally avoidable was the sheer confusion caused by Social Media. WhatsAppp went Viral with the “so called ” cyclone which will hit Mumbai at 3 pm on Wednesday. The fake news said Bandra Sea Link and Peddar Road was being closed to counter the Cyclone.

Flying into Mumbai despite the warning, I repeatedly checked the different WhatsApp Groups Members for the “Source”. Each person said He/She forwarded as received. Nobody cared to check authenticity before forwarding. So I called the Mumbai Police Commissioner office who confirmed….. absolutely no problem, it was a FAKE news. On arrival at Mumbai on Wednesday I crossed Sealink at 3.15 and Peddar Road at 3.35 enroute to Taj for my meetings.

I totally support the BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta who thru Mumbai Police are enforcing Section 54 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 along with IT and other Acts to nab the Originator and creator of this Mischief. We want to identify the Originator, who can go to Prison under various Criminal Acts for two years for creating Panic.

Each one of us must be responsible in times of Natural or any Disaster, not to add to the Panic. If contents of Messages received sound alarming, recheck for authenticity. If in doubt, DO NOT FORWARD….. Report to your Group Administrator.

Technology must make our lives better. Let us not be enslaved to fake technologists. Let’s build a better India…. the Safe way…. the Responsible way….. the SEEGOS way.