Join the SEEGOS Momentum

and support each other from the Perils of Corruption

New Prevention of Corruption Act 2018 -

BRIBE GIVING is now a Criminal Offence


Powerful India

Who We Are

SEEGOS is a social enterprise comprising of volunteers working together and supporting each other from the Perils of Corruption.

What We Do

We encourage honest, concerned citizens to promote accountability as well as promoting Ethics and Development.

Our Mission

To spread awareness to one million Indians from all walks of life, on the possibility of a developed India with focus on Ethics and Governance.

The SEEGOS Momentum

  • The Objective

    The objective of SEEGOS is to bring awareness to the targeted audience to change their attitude towards corruption.

  • Pledgees - Recruit Others

    Pledgees must commit to get at least five more people from their sphere of influence to join the SEEGOS Momentum and participate in nation building.

  • Pledgees - Using Influence

    Pledgees from the four pillars of Indian democracy should become INFLUENCERS and ensure that they play their role as envisaged in the Indian Constitution.

  • India's Survival

    Every Influencer must understand and appreciate that the only way India will survive, is as a pluralistic and inclusive democracy.

  • Pledgees - Walk the Talk

    They set ethical standards to eliminate black money.

  • Four Pillars of Indian Democracy

    Pledgees will include people from the four pillars of the Indian democracy – Legislature, Executive, Judiciary  and Media.

  • Pledgees - Working Together

    Influencers must work together to reduce the discretionary powers of the authorities in power and help enable a rule-based and not an entitlement-based society.

  • GDP Growth

    If we review corruption, our GDP growth will surpass 10% year on year and completely transform India.

Values Create Value

Partake in Nation Building

Recognize the Role of Ethics

Become 'Job Givers' Through Entrepreneurship

Use Good Governance

Fight Corruption

Minimize Interaction with Government Departments

Use e-Governance Initiatives Available with Statutory Authorities

Take responsibility for your actions. Join the SEEGOS Momentum.

Guide to Fighting Corruption

India can be a powerful and developed nation within the next two decades if the philosophy of the SEEGOS Momentum is supported to bring about a Corruption Free India.

Individual Integrity

By joining the SEEGOS Momentum, every citizen has to commit to individual integrity. Every professional recognizes that his/her contribution towards cleansing the society is not by being sceptical and recommendatory, but by taking positive action.

Using Technology and e-Governance

e-Governance initiatives available with statutory authorities must be used and publicised. Minimize interactions with government departments. Do not encourage middle-men and agents.

Statutory Protection

Familiarize yourself with government agencies, which are manned by good staff in your area of work and understand the various anti-corruption laws applicable to you. Avoid corrupt officers.

Use of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005

The RTI Act is based on the principle that all government information is the property of the people. Through RTI, every citizen has the right to get information on rules, expenditure, reason for taking decisions, copies of government orders, agreements and audit reports.

Citizen Journalist

Identify a citizen journalist in your vicinity and use the cosmopolitan media to highlight the societal issues and share your solutions for the knowledge of all. Encourage local area networks to promote positive, good citizenship and cooperative living.

Using Social Media

Share your individual success and experiences on fighting corruption through social media including Facebook and Twitter. Engage the youth and students in all activities and enable them to believe in the power of ethical behaviour.

What is your Personal Corruption Index (PCI)?

What A Great Message For Everyone

CJI on Digitalization of Constitution and ease of access of Justice to the poor and marginalized in India.

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