And for a Friday at the Chambers of the Taj Palace Hotel, some thoughts……

Taj Palace Hotel never stops to amaze me, every stay is memorable. The Palace wing has history written all over. Whilst the Tata Group is undergoing leadership change, the Taj Hotels too has a new chief, Rakesh Sarna, an International Hotelier of great repute. Will he restore the Taj hotels to its number one spot? Well I pray & hope so.

But Taj Hotels was all about Mrs & Mr.Kerkar. They had painstakingly built the Taj chains, almost brick by brick, each Artefact and Indian handicraft located and nurtured, restored and our family was involved. Those days, Tarapore & Co were the Construction Engineers, amongst many iconic structures were Taj Man Singh in Delhi and Taj Colombo etc etc. Long live memories of Krishnan Nair, then a partner of Tarapore Engineers, remembered fondly, even now as Tarapore Krishnan Nair.

India needs employment for its youth, the three biggest Employment Oriented Industries are Tourism, Agriculture and Construction. Like the Taj Mahal Hotel that symbolises a legacy of more than 100 years in each sector we need to build on the principles of Ethics and good Governance. No short cuts, no self serving cunningness; professionalism is the need in every aspect of Nation building.

The new slogan at the Taj…. Tajness….. you can feel it with your eyes closed and with our eyes opened, lets all take baby steps to build a new India, a corruption free India, a developed India, the legal way…. the ethical way…. the SEEGOS way.