And for a Friday, sipping Coconut Water in my Lawns in Trivandrum….. Captain Smith and Ethics….. some thoughts…..

Integriry has no shades… Yes or No… Leader must Walk the Talk

Leadership is all about having a Vision to take your Team to achieve its Mission. A Corporate CEO or Cricket Captain, its all the same. Integrity of the Leader is most important. There are no shades of Integrity. When you are Number ONE – The Leader, it’s just YES or NO, nothing in between. Captain Smith as Leader is a clear NO. Period.

In running a corporate, there is difference between Compliance and Governance. Compliance is all about following the Laws. You Have to….. no choice. There are checks and Balances such as Management, Board, Company Secretary, Legal Heads and other KMP. All are statutorily bound to ensure and to follow all laws. But Governance is set by the Ethical Standards of the Corporate Leadership, the Inner Voice. It’s the differentiator.

Each one in Leadership, particularly National Icons like a Cricket Captain in Cricket crazy Australia, India….. MUST conduct themselves in Public and in Private with Finesse, Responsibilty and be always guided by self Imposed principles of Ethics and Governance of the Highest Standards. Methods, process and means to the End are as important as the Result itself.

As much as you Rise and be famous, the Fall is always even more sharper and deeper. Any wrong done will have its consequences. Leadership is all about thinking thru and never allowing any wrong step….. listening to your inner Voice….. your Conscience. Captain Smith, more than anyone else, has his let Father, Mother and Family down….. maimed for Life.

Let each of us learn our lessons. Mere Prescriptions at the Macro level are Useless. It’s not WHAT to do, but HOW to do that’s important. We must do it the Rightful way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.