And for a Friday responding to an SOS from a Foreigner friend delegating in India….. some thoughts……

India is the Fastest growing large Democracy in the World. In the last six months itself, almost all State Govts spearheaded by their CMs and full State Machinery in attendance have organised Global Investor meets in their State capitals inviting Foreign Investment….. Make in India….. Raw materials availability….. Demographics….. Ease of Doing business….. tax benefits and various attractions. But what is most critical is a peaceful Environment, level playing field and full safety for Entrepreneurs, most importantly for the Foreigners and Delegates posted in India. Each one of them is the Ambassador for Investments.

In the best interest of the weakest sections of our society some Excellent laws have been enacted. They are all well meaning to protect all those who are vulnerable and exploited such as the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 popularity referred to as the Nirbhaya Act – the law on sexual offences etc. etc. Some of the draconian provisions include immediate Non bailable Automatic Arrest warrants just based on the complaint.

Given the high levels of Corruption, greed of some sections of our Society, the exploiters, blackmailers and Harassers in connivance with some unscrupulous agents use these provisions to harass the Innocent. There is suddenly none to protect the Individual Rights. People are helpless and victimised. Kudos to the Supreme Court for the latest Judgement recognising this Exploitation and providing relief to the Honest Innocent Victim. I only Hope the Central Govt does not file any Review petition.

Attracting Investment, enabling Job Opportunities and participating in the development of the Economy are no longer possible only by the bureaucracy and Govt. Every citizen must help….. each one of us must respond to help the honest from being exploited. Let us all build a safe India, the Ethical way, the legally Safe way….. the SEEGOS way.