Serene – Silent – Magnificent – World Peace Buddhist Stupa

And for a Friday, enjoying the hospitality of our “Sambandis” in Nepal….. some thoughts…..

Nepal is a land locked country of 27 mn people and is no longer the only Hindu Kingdom. She now has her own Constitution and is known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Simple, loving, caring people with some of the most scenic and beautiful Tourist spots in the world and every Mountain sport – trekking, skiing, paragliding, Rafting, Mountain biking etc. etc. The Newaris, the oldest inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley have preserved their cultural and religious convictions inspite of family members residing all over the World. Even today their medieval aura is upheld by pagoda style temples, chowks and rectangular tiled houses.

All SAARC countries are developing. They have their own identities but are bonded by history, culture and Religion. Its important that local industry and tourism is supported for sustainable growth of the economies. The Lokta Paper industry of Nepal, a fine example of sustainability, fine speciality paper made from the stem and bark of plants growing in the Himalayas at 6 to 10,000 feet. The Mountain Ecology is maintained as only the stem is cut. The roots germinate and the Forest cover is protected. Leads to employment, no environment damage and prosperity.

Lets all support the South Asia Agreement for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). India is committed to develop all its neighbours as equals. Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and others. Lets promote sustainable development, the Ethical way, the cooperative way, the SEEGOS way.