And for the last Friday before my annual Vacation cum work visit this year to USA and Mexico….. some thoughts…..

Migrant Workers Prefer Working in Kerala – Courtesy

Inspite of all its tough and unpredictable Visa conditions and inspite of the role of some of its Politicians, US of A is still the largest attraction and dream destination of every single youth anywhere in the World. USA as a Country is to the World, what Mumbai as a city is to rest of India. Land of opportunities, full of Rags to Riches stories, freedom to pursue and excel in your chosen field. Merit, Passion and Performance counts over everything else. And now interestingly another emerging Indian migration trend.

Kerala is emerging as the State attracting largest Emigrant Workers from other States in India. They now call Kerala the “Dubai” of India for semi skilled and unskilled workers. On an average every day, about 1000 labourers reach different parts of Kerala job searching and getting them in Construction, Agriculture, Hospitality etc etc. Suburban cinema halls in Kerala now screen Bhojpuri, Odiya and Bangla films. In restaurants, it is quite common that bearers and cleaners and sometimes the Managers do not understand Malayalam. You have to speak in Hindi or English. Why is Kerala the new “Dubai” for these migrant workers? The daily unskilled worker earns in Kerala in range of 650 to 900 Rs per day compared to average of 207 in Odisha, 210 in Bihar, 218 in UP, 230 in Assam and 245 in Bengal. Add to it subsidised Rice, Fuel and stay. The saving potential for these workers are sometimes better in Kerala than even the Gulf, given their low levels of literacy and high “one time fees” to the “job brokers”. So Kerala is the better destination, the Emerging Dubai.

Let us all support free movement of people and resources. The Emigrant works hard, follows rules and saves well thus benefiting society and helps develop the economy. Let’s build a caring Society the hard working way, the Transparent way, the SEEGOS way.