And for the first Friday in USA at Little Elm – Dallas….. some thoughts…. some musings…..

3 Wishing Pillars….. to which 5 dollar strings are tied….

Indians and Faith are inseparable. A new Hanuman Temple just been constructed in Dallas. Of course all the Worship and Poojas are done as per Indian Tradition but with an exceptional US twist. There are three Pillars inside the Temple, one for HI-B visas, one for Wealth and third for Education. American materialism at play – for payment of 5 dollars, you can tie a string at the Pillar and canvass with God for speedy process of HI-B visas.

Tanks to Technology and better financial health of our Country, there is enough and more legitimate foreign exchange available to Indian travellers. Gone are those nightmarish trips when you had to make the entire foreign trip with just 500 Dollars and on coming back to India submit your expenses and return the unspent / unaccountable dollars to RBI. Oooffff….. how painful it was cringing and soliciting your relatives for exchange. Today, all changed – at 5999 Rs you get International Roaming. Use ur phone as you like. By paying 1566 Rs on credit card in US, got Hotstar connection. Watching IPL live….. DC batting….. CSK in command. May the better team win.

US economy is getting better and better. GDP first quarter 3.2 % up from 2.1%. Unemployment fallen to 3.6% – lowest in 50 years. May this growth help American Indians and NRIs. Let us all help speed up the Indian progress, the Technological way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.