And for a Friday in Mumbai after my maiden flight by Vistara….. some thoughts…..

Enter Vistara….. from Tatas….. the best option…..

The Taj group from the house of Tatas are the best in hospitality and services. Everytime I stay at the Taj Mahal Palace I am reminded of their deep desire to care for their Guests, the unforgettable sacrifice made by the staff during the 26/11 terrorist attack. Such passion and such commitment from employees comes only with brands and management that have a legacy….. iconic :Authentic :Timeless. My first experience with Vistara was excellent. I pray and hope they expand to more destinations. May Tatas control the skies again just as JRD Tata had envisioned.

My heart goes out to all the staff and professionals at Jet. What an excellent team they were and what a fantastic flying experience they gave us for 25 years. But the Owners, Naresh Goyal hanging on with 51% of shares and full management control….. ummm…. ??? How come in August 2018 he imposed a 25% pay cut for staff. Surely, he knew the ship was sinking. Whilst salaries were not paid, it is alleged that Jetair Pvt ltd (JPL) (100% owned ) continued to earn 4 crores per month. The 51% owner is a NRI, comfortable wherever he is and the loyal staff are running pillar to post for survival.

Ethics, Values and transparency are cornerstones on which sustainable business is built. Tatas have demonstrated over the last more than 100 years, how ethical business can be done in India. Failure of Jet is another classic example of the “runaway owners”. May we all support Nation building the, Ethical way, the Transparent Management way, the SEEGOS way.