And for a Friday in Mumbai, some musings….. some thoughts…..

Those of us born in the fifties in post independent India, in the days of Land phones, Ambassador cars, three year wait for Vespa scooters, Binaca Geet Mala, Aarey Milk badges, Umrao Vick and Kerosene stoves, Black and White TV….. the Chitramala generation. Living in India or abroad, most of us now middle or upper middle class, some of us have to grapple with Social and family issues. There are no right or wrong answers. I have no solutions on offer. Each of us have to find our own ways to handle and be happy. The best is done. Ageing sick single parent – hospital/ICU ventilator/ or home care. Millineal single daughter – well educated and good job, but do not bring the Marriage topic….. leave her alone or still try secretly and be bombed!!! Married children choose not to have kids – career compulsions….. even at mid thirties….. not ready yet. The list goes on and on. That’s the challenge of our generation – please our parents, please our children, try to accommodate and make everyone happy in every which way we can.

A dear ex-colleague called to share her happiness with the good news that she has been promoted. No ordinary corporate promotion – it’s a life and lifelong promotion. She has now become a GM – GRAND MOTHER and most importantly, a GM by adoption. Three generations of family happy to have together decided and successfully executed the adoption decision and gone thru the arduous process. These are life changing moments in every individual’s life, worth announcing and celebrating….. Cheers!!!

We have to usher in and accept change. Be happy and enjoy like my colleague. One of India’s best HR experts, she explained that the adopted baby has taught her HR as never before – “ability to handle change and not complain” – “accept, adapt and rejoice”. Let’s all enjoy our moments of happiness. Let’s shun social taboos. Let’s usher in a better India, a changed India, the no-stigma way, the Transparent way, the SEEGOS way.