And for a Friday after India’s Space Mission Chandrayaan-2 success, but not full moon mission…. some thoughts….. some musings…..

ISRO control room – Bangalore

Let us all be very proud and happy that Chandrayaan-2 completed most of its Moon Mission and just 335 meters away, lander Vikram lost communication control. India is among only four countries having the Space Research and Rocket launching capabilities and speaks volumes of India’s inherent Scientific acumen. When developed Nations refused technology, our Space Research Pioneers led by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and the likes of Dr.Abdul Kalam, developed Indian Indigenous technology at shoe string budget. Imagine the first Rocket launch from Tumba when components were transported on cycles and Bullock carts.

Innovation, Research and Development is a must for a country of our size and Geography. Lets remember Dr.Sarabhai’s intellect and vision to choose a the St. Mary Magdalen church in a fishing village – Tumba in Kerala – because of its location at the Earth’s Magnetic Equator. This is scientifically very significant since Magnetic Equator is where the equatorial Ekectro jet exists – streams of Electrons whizzing around in the sky.

The competency of Innovation requires an open attitude to new things as well as the deliberate search for novel solutions. Let us all encourage our young generation to be enthused by our Space Research and commit to find unique cost effective solutions and products to help our poor and disadvantaged to move out of Poverty. Let us build a developed nation, the scientific way, the ethical way, the SEEGOS way.