And for a Friday with booster doses being discussed to pep up the Economy, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Dr. O P Goel of BOSCH Is the only Corporate Sector Member in The recently constituted GOI – PMKVY Steering Committee

I am a great supporter and am actively involved in CSR by Corporate sector, but in the Company chosen fields at their own speed. Corporate sector not only brings managerial efficiency and technology but has some of the most socially committed citizens who genuinely want to take part in Societal improvement. Then came the diktat from Govt of compulsory 2% of Profits and in defined areas. Still OK and tolerable. But the Bombshell in the last Union budget (only the Babus in India can think of) Jail term of 3 years for CEOs for not following Schedule 7. Some useless Govt official to decide. Basically the State wants to outsource its responsibility to the poor to Corporate Sector.

In India, the hangover of Leftist oriented “Mai-Baap” Socialism still persists in some quarters. Most Govt Babus, Media and Society at large cannot differentiate between crony Businessmen, small time contractors, middle men and business from Corporate Sector. Publicly listed Companies are accountable to Shareholders thru the Board of Directors and managed by the CEO. He is fired if Profit and Growth targets cannot be achieved. Of course, following all the laws of the land and within the Compliance framework. To reach senior Management positions, every aspirant needs to be absolutely of the highest Credentials, best in class education and reputation built by years of consistent performance. Honest, Efficient Corporate Professionals and CEOs should never be at the mercy of Corrupt Babus and Politicians.

Thankfully Govt has responded. The Criminal jail term has now been withdrawn. But the psyche is hurt. Profitable tax paying businesses serve all stake holders and does enormous good for Society. Let us pray and hope that our Corporates make profits the Ethical way, the legal way, the SEEGOS way and help build our nation.