And for a Friday in Thiruvanthapuram to seek blessings of Lord Padmanabhaswamy, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple -Thiruvanthapuram

Sometimes Godly interventions open doors. A private visit of our Sambandhis from Kathmandu turned into an opportunity to have an excellent Darshan of the Lord. With kind courtesy of my friend Vijay Kumar, a very detailed visit of the temple was organised. Entry inside the temple goes by strict dress code – men only Dhotis and no upper garments while women have to wear Sarees or Kerala Mundu and Neriath. No mobiles, no leather, not even electronic digital watches. The sanctum sanctorum where the lord rests on the Serpent is a 18 sq feet single slab with 18 pillars all covered in Gold. The Darshan of the lord is done thru three separate doors, first the head and hands, second the navel with the lotus blooming out and the third the legs….. ?????? absolute bliss, inner peace and overpowering presence of the Lord.

So many years visiting this city and having been to the Temple with my Parents, it was just another visit. It was a quite laid back, very easy-to-go place. But with the sudden burst of national and international TV coverage of the unimaginable wealth and assets in the temple, the whole place is completely changed and understandably so. But what about the future? The matter is subjudice with the Supreme Court. So just some wishful personal thinking. The Lord has himself protected these Billions of Dollars worth of Assets thru the last so many centuries for his Devotees. We now owe it to the Lord and to the Devotees from all over to provide a Sustainable Management of the Temple to Ensure Assets are safe and be housed in a safe and secure Museum like the Louvre in Paris. Away from the Sanctum Sanctorum, it becomes a revenue earning centre and the Devotees be provided with comfortable access to pray with clean and hygienic surroundings, safe car parking facilities and affordable stay. This city will become Globally known as a “must visit” Spiritual Quotient Centre.

Let us all pray and each of us do whatever we can towards a sustainable future of the Temple and it’s wealth, the Godliness way, the truthful way, the SEEGOS way.