And for a Friday after the second Jab of Covishield, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The second wave has caught us all unawares….. we let our guards down…..

Thanks to my friend Dilip Ranjekar and the benevolence of the Premji Foundation, we not only got our second jab in pristine green natural surroundings, but also a tour of the foundation and the phenomenal work being done in the area of Education. Wish and pray more of our billionaires, industrialists and super rich follow the footsteps of Premji. The second jab – the side affects were much milder than the first. Tenderness at Jab site, slight headache and feeling of fatigue, just for one day. Presto, all gone the next day and I am back to meet my 2+ year Grandson’s challenges. But no matter what, even two weeks after second Jab’s protection kicks in, we will follow all precautions – masking, avoiding crowds and hand washing, till COVID totally disappears from the planet.

Most unfortunately, this second wave of COVID has hit us hard as a Country. We let our guards down and inflicted pain on ourselves. Now our only real weapon we have are our vaccines. Happily for us the totally indigenous, Covaxin has not only proved its efficacy but has been profusely praised by America’s best known Pandemic expert Dr. Fauci who says Covaxin even neutralises the difficult 617 variant. It’s a huge boost to the global demand of the product particularly the developing and poor countries who depend on India for their vaccines supplies. But as of today there is supply constraints with monthly availability of around 60 mn doses of Covishield and 10 mn doses of Covaxin. The next three weeks are going to be a tough situation as Govt has opened up vaccination to India’s 841.96 mn people in the 18+ age group. Domestic manufacturing capacity is being ramped up. Import of Russian Sputnik will arrive later in May. Cadilla, Pfizer, J&J and others in various stages of trials / negotiations and availability dates ?

India with a population of 1333 mn people with its huge internal complexities, contradictions and with its own raucous democracy wherein two Indians have three opinions, we will have to meander our way thru the Indian way, the jugaad way, the SEEGOS way.