And for a Friday, saddened by nationwide explosion of COVID and suspension of IPL, some thoughts….. some hopes…..

French Oxygen Plant – Private sector efficiency at its best. Equipment arrived Delhi airport 6.30 am. Plant installed and after trial run, patients given oxygen at 9.30 pm on same day at Dr. Devi Shetty’s Narayana Health Centre, New Delhi.

Whilst the first Wuhan COVID attack was a black swan pandemic and nobody could have predicted the second wave had to be expected. It happened in UK, Europe and US. Then how come Indians were led to believe we are different and that we have some mysterious natural immunity. Who is responsible for ignoring the scientific evidence given of the various UK variants, the double mutant variant B.1.617. Apparently the NCDC (National Centre for Disease Control) had flagged the high transmissibility of this Virus. Someone in the hierarchy must be held accountable. Someone needs to be sacked. It can’t be business as usual. We need to relook at our entire approach to this crisis.

This Pandemic has laid bare the inadequate medical Ecosystem in the country, more particularly in districts and rural India. The crisis has also sharply brought into focus the highly bureaucratic, dysfunctional, weak and corrupt public and Govt sector as compared to the Dynamic, Energetic and flourishing Corporate sector. It is time for all of us, particularly the Babudom and all the political classes to shed the old Socialistic hang overs and create a new dynamic Public-Private partnership, particularly in the health sector. My good friend Raj Nair, the chairman of Avalon Consultants, in collaboration with with IMC has developed an excellent “model -hospital” approach. Each state must take up an experiment with at least one such hospital. If successful we can multiply. Model involves the principle of a social enterprise where the state Govt’s existing infrastructure is updated by capital investment from the Private and crowd sourcing funds run by Best in Class Professionals paid at market prices with modern HR practices. Capital has nonprofit motives with state only paying the predetermined maintenance charges. No role for corrupt politicians or Babudom or sleazy businessmen. It’s an excellent model, worth a try.

We are in a crisis. Let us all help each other to overcome the immediate problems being faced. Let us be careful, with masking , avoiding crowds and keeping safe distance. Let’s overcome the here and now problems, the cooperative way, the empathy way, the SEEGOS way.