And for a Friday as the Second wave impacts more of middle classes across India, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Let’s help each other to move from Fear, to Learning and to Growth Zones.

During the first wave, Indians aware of devastation in Italy, Europe, US and developed nations, were extremely cautious. Whilst the lockdown had really knocked down the poor, marginalised and migrant, the affluent were comparatively safer. Today it’s reversed. Private and expensive hospitals are not available. There is too much of unnecessary panic as the media has juicy pictures to portray. Some biased international media and India naysayers are all dancing to the Park. With no scientific evidence or studies, some have already declared that double mutants and many other variations are originating in India which is false. But truth is, situation is serious but eminently resolvable if all of us work together with only the Pandemic as the target Enemy.

Different from last year, we now have much more scientific and medical knowhow on handling the medical issues. Our world renowned Doctors and Medical staff have the tools and the managerial bandwidth to handle the evolving crisis. Development of indigenous vaccine in India – Covaxin from scratch is an excellent example of partnership of Academia, Government, Industry and Entrepreneurship. We are scaling up Vaccine production. From May 1, all adults above 18 will be eligible for Vaccination. Apart from already India manufactured Covaxin and Covishield, Russian Sputnik will be available end May and shortly thereafter all other imported Vaccines including Pfizer, J&J and a host of others.

Prevention is our best option. So vaccination followed by continuous vigil, masking, avoiding crowds and hand washing is the Mantra. Let’s join together to fight this Enemy, the United way, the cooperative way, the SEEGOS way.