And for a Friday after the decision to allow all approved vaccines into India, some thoughts….. some musings…..

N-95 (central) piece when in public places, washable full masks normally and keep
disposable to give anyone you are interacting with and not wearing mask.

COVID has raised it’s ugly TETRA head again with the country crossing 2 lakh cases a day – doubling in just ten days. Dr. Randeep Guleria, the Director of AIIMS very aptly said – the Virus has a big EGO and will not come unless you personally invite into your home. Unfortunately that’s what we as a Nation did, threw caution to the wind, presumed COVID is gone and went ahead with Goa/Maldives/Dubai party destinations, weddings, religious visits to temples, churches, mosques and all sorts of social gatherings. Ofcourse, not to mention our never ending elections. We let our Guards down, our Politicians busy in their power games and now we have to pay the price. We need to be doubly vigilant as a developing country. With China breathing down our necks, our Economy just cannot afford another lock down. Unlike US and rich nations, we cannot print currency. We must all get our acts together to help our poor and underprivileged to survive.

Fortunately, compared to last year, we now have the Vaccines. Covishield and Covaxin are already in use. This Tuesday, Govt has waived the pre-condition of bridging studies in local population for EUA ( Emergency Use Authorisation). This is great news. Now all Vaccines approved in US, UK, EU, Japan and by WHO will now be allowed to be imported. The first to get off the mark is the Russian Vaccine Sputnik which has already cleared phase three trials. All others have to get registered and get licenses from CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation). As a National Emergency, those companies who have Indian subsidiaries or offices will get license in three days. However every licensee will have to follow preconditions to ensure safety of usage in India. First 100 beneficiaries will have to be monitored and data submitted and simultaneously also do the bridging studies. In short, safety of Indians taking vaccination is assured. Various new options will open up hopefully within the next month. However those who have already taken the first Jab must take their second Jab of the SAME vaccine at the correct time as per table shown.

Let us all resolve to fight COVID, the three pronged way, most important shun crowded places, get vaccinated and always wear masks – N-95 if going to Public places like stations, Post offices, Banks etc., else normal washable fully safe masks at all times. Let us get over this crisis, the safe way, the “3- pronged” way, the SEEGOS way.