And for a Friday at the cusp of Unlock 2.0 to be announced shortly, some thoughts….. some musings…..

SSLC Exam centre in Bangalore. More than 8 lakh children
participated yesterday, observing Social Distance norms

With more than 100 days of COVID-19 in India, we all have only one choice – to live with the Virus. Anymore lockdown is no remedy. It will be disastrous for the Economy and livelihood. But India is so large with 1300 million people, in some places it may be inevitable. Let the experts decide. But it must be only very limited area, only to break the Infection chain with minimum impact to the Economic momentum. Thus highways must be open 24 by 7, logistics and interstate movement of goods and services must be guaranteed. There should be no scope for anyone to take bribes. We must be vigilant as Economy is interlinked. Tirupur in Tamilnadu must continue to export Hosiery, needs dyes from Vapi, yarn from Amritsar, pigments from Mumbai, financiers from Chennai, IT support from Bangalore, designs from Pune etc. etc. Each industry is interlinked and seamless. Unless Economy picks up there will be no money to pay the Doctors and medical staff in Govt hospitals. India’s limited taxpayers are already squeezed. Our Reserves are drying up. Employment must be back and earnings must resume.

Living with the virus is straightforward. Senior citizens have to be as much home bound as possible and avoid meeting people; working population, WFH or at offices and factories with precautions; unemployed should go out and look for jobs and work and not roam aimlessly. COVID-19 precautions are now globally well known. No rocket science involved – wash hands with soap so that the virus disintegrates in the lather; always wear Masks so that the aerosol transmission of fine droplets of Virus that hangs in the air don’t attack you; keep social distance of at least one metre so that viral load (larger quantities of the virus) is avoided and your body immunity handles it. Take all immunity building measures, exercises, good healthy food, supplement with Vitamins – C, D, Zinc etc. etc. Go by scientific advise. Handle Social media with caution. Do NOT forward alarmist unverifiable messages as much as possible and avoid seeing TRP rating motivated TV programmes. Be happy with whatever your current status. Things can get worse if not careful.

Let us beat the Chinese, not by knee jerk reactions or cancelling commitments. We need to keep our supply chain intact. It’s a long haul – let’s rebuild our Economy, the hard way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.