And for a Friday after the first time in free India, the role of HTP was nationally recognised….. some thoughts….. some hopes…..

Eddie Chu Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Civil Human Rights. All individual
freedom withdrawn from Hong Kong and now Draconian Chinese Laws applicable.

Our PM, in last weeks address to the Nation, thanked two entities – Indian Farmer and the Honest Tax Payer (HTP). This breed of HTP has always been important for the nation but never recognised. With the Chinese Dragon breathing down our necks, the HTP has become even more relevant. After all we have to face the Pandemic, give free rations to poor, subsidise our migrant labour and now pay the huge costs in getting the Rafelle jets from France, Sukhoi and MIG-29 from Russia and F-15EX from US etc. etc. Nothing comes free. Each country is trying to maximise its commercial return. We have to find our own resources. We can and will fight the Chinese if Push comes to a Shove. India will not be dithered or scared by China. But the HTP has to work harder and earn more to pay more taxes to meet all those freebies and purchases. How can we get more Tax payers ??? How do we net the tax evaders ??? How do we prevent the corrupt politicians from milking the economy ??? Can we tax the rich Agriculturists with more than 20 lakhs income ??? Let’s put our heads together for the answers.

We need not react to the Chinese taunts. They have timed their assault to their liking. It’s rumored that Chinese have already developed and vaccinated their soldiers. Indians are not alone. Chinese are attacking original Hong Kong residents, threatening Taiwanese, scaring Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese and even trying to stare down the Americans. But India must strengthen its Economy. From 3 trillion $ to 5 trillion $ on our own steam quickest. Our Private Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are the answers. Let us take two pronged actions. Immediate and most crucial – pharmaceutical and Agro-chemicals Active Ingredients must be manufactured within the country to insure our health and food. We have the technology, the machinery and investment capability. Let the Govt and Industry draw up action plans together to be free of Chinese imports within next nine months latest. It’s a very achievable target. Long term, we look at high tech 3D Printing Additive manufacturing. Let’s negotiate FTAs with EU, Taiwan, UK and Canada. For example, Aerospace opened to FDI. Indians have the ability to create complex designs, develop light weight parts, reduce pollution, support climate change and preserve natural resources. Key Global players like GE, Boeing, MOG and many others will be happy to move out of China and embrace India. We also have strength in Agriculture, Medical tourism, construction and Education relevant to Developing Countries. All of African continent, South America and Middle East await the Indian response – answers to their problems.

Let the world recognise the Chinese Imperialistic designs. Let us all work together to strengthen India, the Righteous way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.