And for a Friday following the heinous and premeditated, planned aggression by Chinese Army, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Indian Soldiers on guard in Ladakh region.

China is an Imperialistic state with well documented expansionists designs. The attack on India is well timed by them. India like all other countries world wide are struggling with the Chinese Virus that they exported free of cost to all. Such perfect timing. All Chinese plants are working to full capacity. Their economy is back. So now, they are turning on the heat. It’s just not us alone – most of their neighbors, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan etc. etc. have been intimidated. Hong Kong, they unilaterally revoked the “One Nation Two Systems Policy”. None should be surprised by these moves. Chinese military Doctrine:

  1. Psychological warfare – not Wuhan Virus – but forced WTO to call it COVID-19
  2. Media warfare – TV, Print and Social Media full of propaganda
  3. Legal warfare – clever manipulation of International laws and agreements

By taking on the Worlds only Super Power, USA, standing upto them in the Trade war, China wants to flex its muscles at a time human deaths and suffering globally, due to the Pandemic caused by them is the severest.

India is no push over. We have the worlds second largest Army, technical, Scientific manpower, matching IT skills and Global goodwill as a Secular, non-violent, cooperative and functioning Democracy. But we have to be strategic. We cannot fall into the Chinese trap to get into confrontation now. We need to prepare for the long haul. Let us, as a nation, use the COVID-19 crisis to correct our systemic problems, corruption and dwindling Ethics and Value Systems. Let all State Governments implement the long pending Supreme Court ordered Police Reforms. Let our law enforcers and crime investigators be separated. Let the power to transfer Police personnel be removed from corrupt Politicians. Let us invest in Technology and infrastructure for our Judicial system. Let our business men realise, making Profits is legitimate but Profiteering is anti national. Let technology and Social media be used to expose our corrupt Babus and inefficient archaic systems.

Let us all salute our brave soldiers guarding our Borders. Our prayers with the bereaved families. Let us all make India strong, the united way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.