SEEGOS – Each one of us must take at least baby steps to curb Corruption in our sphere of influence.

And for a Friday as another Minister resigns on corruption charges, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The resignation of Karnataka minister for Rural Development today, on corruption related issues, shows how institutionalised this business has become. Karnataka State Contractors Association with more than 50,000 contractor members alleges that, upto 40% commission have to be paid to get contracts and then get paid for the work done. Many rules and procedures exist to combat corruption. Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act, mandates every project above a threshold must be tendered. But enough loopholes are left to provide for political intervention. NGOs like PCGT (Public Concern for Governance Trust) and ADR (Association of Democratic Reforms) have done yeomen service in fighting corruption by filing PILs and winning judgements from the courts. Unfortunately, rules and procedures are circumvented. What is needed is Active Citizenship. Each one of us must take an active interest to contributing in some small measure to control corruption, indifference and apathy. Resigning to helplessness is not a viable solution….. cannot be…..

One has to just look around India’s neighbourhood to see the existential brink that corruption can lead to. Sri Lanka is now a classic example of a middle income country, fairly well endowed, now completely ruined by corrupt politicians. A stage has come when ordinary middle class Sri Lankans have stormed the Presidential Palace asking for the most powerful political family to quit.

Active citizenry is a must. Fighting Corruption and Misgovernance, cannot be outsourced to any body else. Let’s all contribute to nation building, the ethical way, the transparent way, the SEEGOS way.