And for a Friday as the World churns under the Ukraine war, some thoughts….. some musings…..

India, self sufficient in food, sits pretty as world’s second largest producer of wheat, almost 100 million tonnes. Increasing global prices means huge export opportunities. With Russian boycott and war torn Ukraine, World will need Indian wheat, rice and all agri value added products.

This War in Ukraine baffles me. Ego clashes of Putin /Biden/Trump/Xi Jinping/Zelenskyy and their power backers, each working to his own agenda. But innocent and unconnected civilians are paying the price. Millions of middle class educated Ukrainians are pushed into refugee camps and economies as far apart as Germany and Mexico are feeling the heat. Smaller countries fully dependent on Tourism and or exports like Sri Lanka are being crushed into poverty, thanks to their unstinted belief in the Chinese BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) which has doomed them to total inescapable indebtedness to China. Longer the war, more the. disruptions. Most economies in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America will be pushed into misery, thanks to America using economic sanctions as their War weapon, never bothered about impact on poor and developing countries. Crude at $129+ per barrel and global wheat and all food supply chains broken, means starvation for millions of poor across the world. Only the war machinery lobby in rich countries are smiling away to their Banks.

I am not surprised at the hypocritical high moral grounds the Western media is taking against India for dealing with Russia, when Europe continues to get Gas from Russia. Make no mistake. India may be a developing nation, but it’s a “Swing Power”. She never benefitted as much as China from globalisation, but will hugely benefit from a multipolar world which accelerates towards “Reversed Globalisation”. Given it’s huge Domestic Markets, young population, self sufficiency in food, technical manpower and Digital capability in the emerging world order, the rich nations need India as much as India needs them.

Let’s all be watchful. It’s a dynamic, volatile and unstable world. As Indians we must be vigilant, the globally local way, the tactical way, the SEEGOS way.