integrityAnd for a Friday… Mumbai ….some thoughts

The Press and Cosmopolite Media have appetite only for sensationalism, any event which has a larger societal impact gets little or no coverage and not surprising.

The independence of the media is as important as is their capacity to be objective and influence Nation Building as the fourth pillar of democracy.

We just had a Global Seminar organised in Mumbai by Berlin based Alliance for Integrity on “Pathways to Business Integrity”, a topic very relevant when the country is trying to attract capital to create jobs. We have to create a million jobs per month to absorb our emerging young men and women.

Interestingly at the event, Transparency International released study of 200 MNCs from developing countries. Not a single Chinese company was ranked amongst the Top 25 in regards to Total Transparency and Measures against Corrupt Practices.

Not surprisingly amongst the top ten companies, SIX are TATA group Companies. Kudos and Cheers to the TATAS and their brand of Credible, Integral and Sustainable business practices.

In Business as in Life each one of us from the Educated Middle class in India have to be involved with Nation building.

Nationalism and Patriotism cannot be the preserve of only the Political class, like all of us are equally involved….. the SEEGOS Way ….