surgical-strikeAnd for the “Surgical”…..Friday… Mumbai……some thoughts……

What does Surgical mean……well …precise, meticulously planned, all political parties inclusive, spot on targets of the terrorists camps and inflicting heavy losses to the “Killers” with minimal damage to us.

My friend Shashi Tharoor has probably enunciated the situation of Pakistan as eloquently as only he can. Watch his speeches.

He explains, every Nation State has an Army and only in Pakistan, the Army has a State to do what it wants, spend as it feels and use their puppet PM as they deem fit for the seniors in the Pakistani Army. Well, it is a Cradle to Grave job, with unlimited perks and rewards.

Let us not forget the creator of Pakistan, a man who drank, ate pork, rarely entered a mosque, ignored the Koran– Mohammad Ali Jinnah. His 3rd June 1947 threat “We shall have India divided or India destroyed “.

70 years on, India is a thriving, secular, growing, sustainable, inclusive, vibrant democracy with constitutionally guaranteed freedom and Pakistan,…….well, an isolated, failed state only due to its Army.

I have nothing against the civilians of Pakistan cos they are suffering more than us. Let all of us, civilians of South Asia, unite against the Tyranny of the Pakistani Army……..Isolate them, shun them and…….
Jai Hind!!!!