And for a Friday after the 185th Foundation day of BCCI, some thoughts….. some musings…..

BCCI – oldest Chamber in India, celebrated 185th Foundation day.
I am fortunate to be the longest serving Board member.

Been privileged to continue be a Board Member of BCCI – Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, for more than 20 years. The oldest Industry Chamber in the country, we celebrated our 185th Foundation day. Who better than the Governor of RBI as our chief Guest. He explained how India tackled the Unprecedented economic and human crisis. Counter-cyclical fiscal and monetary policies were implemented to provide impetus to consumption and investment for resurrecting growth. Special refinance facilities provided to select all India financial institutions and particularly mutual funds to ease redemption pressures and guarantee confidence in the capacity of Indian Economic system to overcome the unprecedented crisis. Unlike most major economies, India gained by the sharp fall in Oil prices and our services exports grew exponentially due to global demand for core transformational services as customers needed new models of IT operations during Pandemic.

BCCI has always maintained good corporate citizenship as its hall mark. Our President, Sudhir Kapadia graciously welcomed the big directional change of the GOI recognising and welcoming the role of Private sector in Nation building. He emphasised that every citizen as also every corporate welcomes the change. Yes, for the black sheep, the crony corrupt businessman, give them the harshest punishment. But don’t use the same brush for all Private sector. The best example of a robust Public-Private partnership is the current global COVID vaccines drive. India manufactures more than 50% of the global vaccines and is the first and so far the only country to supply to Covax – global supply scheme for poor and developing countries. Ghana became the first country to receive Indian made vaccine under the WHO Covax programme. The rich countries meanwhile are fighting to reserve whatever is available for their own citizens, the poor nations be damned.

Ofcourse the problems of COVID are not over. Kerala and Maharashtra are seeing a rise. Let’s pray the situation gets eased. Let’s continue masking, washing and distancing. India won the battle of 2020. Let’s win the war against COVID in 2021, the spirited way, the vaccinated way, the SEEGOS way.