And for a Friday, returning after an enjoyable getaway with family to the Rain forests, some thoughts….. some musings…..

View of part of Taj Property from the Restaurant.
General Swimming Pool (closed due to COVID)…..

Taj Resorts, nestled in 73 acres of Rainforest in Coorg and perched 1220 metres above sea level, is as best a luxury in the most natural surroundings as one can expect. Legendary Taj Hotels service, totally in compliance with COVID restrictions is absolutely laudable. Our Luxury villa had a private heated swimming Pool, only electric vehicles inside the campus, all constructions keeping the natural ecosystem, is a fine example of sustainable development in harmony with Coorg – the land of “Rolling Hills” with more than 30% of area as lush green Rain forests. The Coorgis are very brave, nature loving and hospitable people. The place famous for its coffee, spices and wildlife. The Coorgis or Kodavus as they are referred to, are the only people in India allowed to carry their own Guns without license.

In a forgettable COVID year gone by, every opportunity to spend quality time with family has to be savoured and enjoyed. With mid-term break in Mumbai, my Grandkids have braved COVID RT-PCR tests at ages 6 and 4 to enable take the flight into Bangalore. It’s still lot of research needed to determine long term affects of the COVID year on children, impact age wise of anxiety, worry and fear. Since schools have been shut and parents cocooned in their apartments, kids have lost the structure and simulation of the school environment which all their same age friends provide. The only scientific study I have seen so far, is by Premji University in 16067 Govt. schools, whilst the elite schools in the country had at least Zoom and online classes. Most govt schools, particularly in Rural areas, have suffered a year of “forgetting” all that they learnt a year before.

With the Vaccination drive in India gaining momentum, we must start preparing for a Post-COVID rehabilitation, with multiple strategies for kids, Teenagers, Adults and the Aged. Let’s all work together, the cooperative way, the mutually respectful way, the SEEGOS way.