And for a Friday after my first “In-Person” Event after almost one COVID year, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Delivering the talk on “Ethics & Governance in Public Life“

Thanks to the invite from my friend Rotarian TV Mohan, I could get out of my “Bedroom-turned-office” to be physically present, meet and talk to real people face to face. Ofcourse, with due COVID precautions, Masks, 🙏 – no handshakes, Distance etc. etc., Rotary Club had organised a “Hybrid Meeting” while I, as Speaker and some of the members were physically present at the venue. The event was on Zoom so that majority of the Members participated from the safety of their homes. Ofcourse, to me, the very opportunity to go out and meet people was a very big relief and a bonus after 11 months of only “Virtual” on my I-Pad or Computer. I love the fun of meeting and enjoying small conversations. A smile there, a new acquaintance here, a hand wave from a corner of the hall, the ability to see the Eyes of your Audience as you speak are thrills I have been missing last almost a year.

Topic of Ethics and Governance in Public life is close to my heart and is the very mission of our Social Organisation SEEGOS. I am a practicing Manager in promoting Ethics in all walks of life. Corporate Governance in life as in Business provides adequate framework of basic processes, policies and values enable the set objectives be achieved. A life based on Values brings meaning, purpose and directions to living. As our former President, late Dr. Abdul Kalam, always emphasised “Nothing wrong in wanting to progress in life and become Rich. But the means used are as important as the Goal. Every step should be taken within the Individual’s Governance and Ethical framework”. Dr. Kalam’s 10 point advice to school children continues to be propagated by SEEGOS volunteers in Schools.

Socially active organisations like Rotary play a very significant role in raising standards of Ethical and Good citizenship. My request: all such organisations must have a wing to fight Coercive Corruption, which impacts the poor and vulnerable in India the most. Let us all support the idea of a developed India, the Ethical way, the good governance way, the SEEGOS way.