And for a Friday arriving into Dubai after the memorable Homage Event for 26/11 Martyrs in Mumbai….. some thoughts….. some musings…..

The joy and unbridled enthusiasm of the school kids….. pledging an inclusive, Secular and less Corrupt India.

PCGT – Public Concern for Governance Trust is an NGO headed by Julio Riberio the fiery Super Cop and Padma Bhushan Awardee, currently very active in Mumbai, promoting Good Governance, fighting Corruption and Communalism and most importantly trying to inculcate good citizen values amongst school children thru the KUCH AUR programme; College youth by the YFG – Youth for Governance Programme and very crucial, free training and support to the poor and dispossessed by the proper use and training of RTI – Right to Information Act.

How can any Mumbaikar….. no….. how can any Indian forget the ghastly night of 26/11 exactly 11 years ago. Whilst the sight of the burning circular tomb of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel on the TV screen was heart wrenching, the fight back by the citizens of Mumbai was equally befitting – no violence, no panic, show of solidarity, love and affection for all those affected by the Barbaric acts. Kasab, one of the Pakistani ISI trained Terrorists of course was caught alive by a Mumbai Constable armed with just a Lathi against the Terrorists AK-47. Those scenes and ghastly murders are still etched in my Memory. As with most Mumbaikars, our Chief Guest for the Memorial, Ishat Hussain recollected the Events, reminding us of the Message of Mahatma Gandhi – eschew violence and pledge to National Unity and peaceful coexistence.

With all its negatives and shortcomings, Democratic India and the Indian Constitution guaranteeing an Inclusive tolerant and all embracing Society is the only Role Model for the Developing countries of the World. Let us all support the change to a better India, the tolerant way, the inclusive way, the SEEGOS way.