And for a Friday, holidaying with friends in Dubai and UAE….. some thoughts….. some musings…..

“Year of Tolerance”….. special Airbus 380 aircraft with passengers from 145 Nationalities…..

Dubai is undoubtedly the most “happening” touristy, shopping destination. Airport staff are being trained to speak, apart from Arabic and English, in Chinese, French Russian and Spanish. They are very efficient and courteous. For the 48th UAE National Day a special Aircraft with passengers from 145 countries was flown around to commemorate “Year of Tolerance”. The country offers such a wide variety of Options for tourists – Desert Safaris, Exclusive Sea Resorts, all kinds of sporting events, cuisine from all over the world and best of foodstuffs imported from across the globe. At a typical breakfast day with my hosts, I checked – eggs from Denmark (Organic Larder – Free range eggs), Cheese from Ireland, Oats from US, bananas from Ecuador, Apples from New Zealand, Ghee from Malaysia, table salt from Holland etc. etc. The only Indian Item I found was Amul Butter. Competitive open markets ensures customers get the best choice.

These economic and social changes have their costs too. Dubai is no longer the Paradise for the unskilled labour migrants from India. It’s tough – living costs have shot up and salaries have dwindled due to competition from poorer countries in Africa and other places. With current salaries in Middle East, the saving potential for an unskilled or semi skilled will be less than Rs 7000 per month. Rent for a shared bed, 5 persons to a room, costs 10,000 Rs each. Also, India has much better options. Daily wages for semi skilled workers in Kerala is Rs 800 to 1000. Saving potential of an Oriya migrant in Kerala is upwards of Rs. 15,000 per month. Dubai is still open for the the technically skilled Paramedics, hospitality specialists and other highly technology oriented workers.

India has to find a Million jobs a month. We have to “Reset” and change our orientation. Let’s build a Political consensus on Job growth, the cooperative way, the market oriented way, the SEEGOS way.