And for a Friday in my Hometown, Thiruvananthapuram….. some thoughts….. some prayers…..

Underground Vaults – 6 vaults A, B, C, D, E & F – all opened as per Supreme Court Order except Vault B

If Kerala is Gods Own Country, then Thiruvanthapuram Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is likely the Abode. The name of the city in Malayalam translates to the “City of Lord Anantha” referring to the Deity of Lord Vishnu lying on the Serpent. In the temple’s 6 underground Vaults is the Greatest collection of Gold and Valuables in the History of Mankind. Some back of envelope valuations indicate treasures of more than 270 Billion Dollars. Assets accumulated are older than 200 BC, several thousands of years old and donated and stored by various dynasties like the Cheras, Pandyas and Kolathiri Pallavas. But the Travancore Royalty were the most brave, simplistic, ethical, equitable and ruled as Padmanabha Dasas (Servants of Lord Padmanabha ).

Most people here are basically God fearing and pious with great respect for the Royalty. From the 5 vaults opened, treasures include 4 feet tall statue of Lord MahaVishnu of pure Gold studded with hundreds of Diamonds, Rubies and precious stones, Pure Gold 18 feet throne, Gold coins from Napoleonic and Roman times, Gold Coconut Shells studded with most valuable stones etc. etc. As per Supreme Court order every single Item is photographed, marked and identified on international standards of Security by Globally renowned experts, under oversight of the Supreme court committee. However, Vault B (Nilavara) has not yet been opened. No hinges, no locks, no boundaries, this vault is protected by Cobras on the Door. Legend says Sages had locked the Doors with Naga Paasan Mantra (Serpent noose). It can only be opened by Sages of Calibre to chant appropriate Garuda mantra. Else, if forced open, destruction and misery will follow.

India May be a poor developing country but with a Rich heritage and Ancestry. May the best guiding principles direct the path forward. Let’s all pray for a Value based Nation, the Ethical way, the rightfully inherited way, the SEEGOS way.