And for a Friday with National Education Policy-2019 (N.E.P), the most impactful National Policy at the final stage….. some thoughts…..

Dr. K Kasturirangan – Head of Panel on National Education Policy 2019
Courtesy – India Today Web Desk

GOI appointed Committee headed by Dr. K. Kasturirangan has submitted the NEP, one of the most comprehensive and revolutionary changes into the Education system in India. It hopefully will end the current “Rote – Only Exam and Coaching class” dominated system to a modern open Architecture. A great leap to Excellence based on five fundamental pillars of Education – Accessibility, Equality, Quality, Accountability and Affordability. Right to Education (RTE) is now extended to class 12 starting with focus on Early Child care and Education.

In consultations at different levels and Multi disciplines, Dr. Kasturirangan and his team have created a masterpiece Policy Document which not only reaffirms the three language Formula and focus on Teacher Education, but also includes the vision of late Dr. Abdul Kalam on emphasis on Research and Innovation. One of the the major curses of most of our current higher HEI (High Education Institutions) is the huge Political interference and massive Corruption controlled by external forces with no Ethical background. Among the key recommendations is transfer of leadership of HEI to independent and Empowered Boards promising complete Academic, Administrative independence and Financial Authority – somewhat similar (hopefully even better) to our IITs and IIMs of today.

Let us all support and get involved in whichever way we can. My confidence is boosted, as some of the people closely involved with the NEP have assured me of its authenticity. Implementation is key. Let us all help build a New India, the Education reform way, the ethical way, the SEEGOS way.