And for a Friday, passing by Trivandrum, some thoughts….. some Wishes…..

Padmanabhaswamy Temple – Courtesy vsskerala

This city, now referred to as Thiruvanthapuram, combines the Nostalgic with Modern and for lovers of Kerala cuisine, speciality dishes at every price point. The Kerala Parathas and Beef fry from the “Thatta Kada”, the buffet at the Taj Vivanta with wine and spirits, Maya Villa without even Beer and for a vegetarian Sadya, the Padma Vilas.

The big rush is for the Travancore mall with traffic jams to reach the place. But nothing to beat “Style – plus” the first city super stores. All NRK s ( Non Residents Keralites ) from Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai or Dallas….. you are bound to meet them at Style plus or the adjacent Grand bazaar for mouth watering fresh home made Kerala deserts.

The Techno Park is the Silicon Valley of TVM. Bright young men and women from all over India are trying to cope with Mallu culture and sweltering heat. Very few real fun entertainment places, but think of IT….. Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing…… these youngsters are second to none.

If Wishes were Horses, Beggars could ride it. Here’s my Wish….. All political parties together with the TRAVANCORE Royal Family work to make the treasures from the Padmanabha Palace into a World class Museum. Imagine the worlds rarest Jewels and Antiques. The Louvre in Paris, the biggest Art museum, will be a distant second.

I hope we all can work together for the benefit of Kerala and India. Incredible India in God’s Own Country….. the hopeful way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.