waitersAnd for a Friday at the iconic Taj Palace Hotel…. some thoughts.

Of all the Resorts, Palace Hotels and Luxury boutiques across the World, I love Taj Palace the most. It combines the Old World Charm with absolutely modern conveniences and a staff who are Professional and Passionate of their jobs.

I find value for money here in all services. However, I have never tried one service, the John Lobb shoeshine, costs 3500 Rs… no… no… can’t afford to try!!!

But Service Industry is the Fishbone, around which India has to find jobs for our millions of youth in hotels, restaurants, food industry, tourism….. we have to reskill our youth to make them employable and take pride in every job, no matter how small it sounds. Work is Worship!!!!

Automation and Robots are a reality. Current low level jobs which have a predictable role and minimal core cognitive capacity needs such as clerks, office assistants, programmers, software data entry engineer etc. etc. will all vanish.

Tourism will have to be redefined, to be made as job creator. Just one aspect…. Photography at Tourist spots. Smart phones have dispensed with the conventional photographer. They have to reskill, combine good knowledge as Guides with interesting variances in Posed Photography for survival.

All of us must support the Skill Mission. The National Skill Development Corporation and each state has also set up State Level Skill Development Missions.

Let us spread our knowledge, let us train the less educated and let us help professionalise them. We need more and more professional and passionate plumbers, drivers, electricians, cleaners, painters, carpenters, photographers, graphic artists, digital marketers, agriconverters and waste disposers.

800 million Indians below the age of 35 is a huge Asset, if and only if each one of them finds jobs appropriate to their skills and competencies. Let’s help Build our Nation… the Ethical way…. the SEEGOS way.