And for a Friday after the Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya, some thoughts….. some hopes…..

Artist impression of proposed Ram Temple by Architect Chandrakant Sompura – his
father rebuilt Somnath Temple. Pinkish stones from the Bansht Mountains in Rajasthan.

The Bhoomi Poojan for the Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya by the PM was at the exact “Muhurat” as the one in which Lord Ram is said to have been born. PM declared “Ram belongs to everyone. Ram resides in Everyone. It is an emotional moment for India”. Avadh region in state of Uttar Pradesh, where Ayodhya is located has a long tradition of Hindu-Muslim Unity. Iqbal Ansari, one of the main litigants for the Muslim side in the litigation, said “I accepted invitation and attended the Bhumi Poojan to send a message that Muslims are not against the Ram Temple. Our Hindu brothers are with us and we are with them in this moment of Joy. He handed over the RAMCHARITAMANAS, the Awadh Muslim version of Ramayana.

Saabka Saath, Saabka Ram is the new slogan for Modern India. Let’s use this historic occasion to define “Ram-Rajya” as a Secular Modern Democratic India. Atmanirbhar, meaning a Corruption less nation, which will leverage its strengths in Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced 3D Manufacturing and providing Services to the World, an India open to the best in the World and offering the best with equanimity, compassion and sustainable, a nation which recognises, quote “Corruption is a vice of of insatiable avarice for self-aggrandisement by the unscrupulous, taking advantage of the Power and Authority backed by minatory loyalists” unquote – Supreme court of India.

Let us all join the SEEGOS Momentum and help fight Corruption and build India as a Ram Rajya, the truthful way, the Dharma way, the SEEGOS way.