And for a Friday on the eve of India’s 73rd Independence Day, some thoughts….. some musings …..

Reduced Guest List, Police in PPE Kits: 74th I-Day Event to be Sombre Affair Amid
Covid-19 Pandemic – Courtesy by News18

This has been a washout year. Thanks to dreaded COVID, every Community festivity and Family function has either been toned down to the legalistic minimum or postponed altogether. This Independence Day function too will be celebrated very differently. We will have to observe all the Pandemic precautions. There is little doubt that in all our major cities, this Epidemic is in community transmission. Increasingly we hear the circle of infected people getting nearer and nearer. From being a statistical number, it’s getting closer home. Known people – friends, relatives and neighbours are infected. By God’s Grace all my known cases are on recovery path. The virus is advancing silently and stealthily.

The good news is that recovery rates are constantly improving. CFR – Case Fatality Rate is dropping. More and more treatment options and newer and effective Drugs are available. Lots more scientific data has been collected, analysed and disseminated. Medical fraternity across the Globe have comparatively much more information. Some interesting analysis by Dr. Dileep Mavalankar, Director -Indian Institute of Public health Gandhinagar shows about 80% of the household family members of an infected Primary member may not develop Covid symptoms. My personal experience corroborates the hypothesis. My cousin in Mumbai was positive and wife tested negative. In Bangalore, my neighbour’s young daughter-in-law was afflicted but her newly married husband negative. Prof. Karl Friston – neuroscientist of University College London postulates 50% of population may not be susceptible due to cross immunity and geographical isolation. It is almost six months since the first infection started in India and hopefully we will progressively approach the Herd immunity levels aided by the susceptibility and recovery factors across the country. Also some of the Vaccines including the fully Indian ones are all advancing to phase 3 trials.

Let us all, on this Independence Day Eve, pray and wish speedy recovery for those afflicted by the Virus, strictly follow on with our vigil and precautions, have Ayurvedic, homeopathic and Grandma’s home remedies to build immunity and continue masking, Physical distancing and hand washing. Let’s be positive, be hopeful that this time will also pass. Let’s resolve to help build our safe family and country the scientific way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.