And for a Friday after the Round Table meet with Prof Enright of Hong Kong University, whose views on China are amongst the most knowledge in the World.

protectionismFor Indians like me, what President Xi Jinping of China, Donald Trump and Chancellor Merkel do, is as important as who will be the Mayor of Mumbai – Shiv Sena or BJP…. will the Steel Flyover come in Bengaluru….. and how swiftly will that atrocious criminal Sunil and Gang be punished in Trivandrum.

China’s economy is more than four times of India’s with almost comparable population but our challenge is that 50{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} of our population is in Agriculture, which is 17{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} of our GDP. China has almost equally distributed labour.

‘One belt – One road’ policy of China has been hugely successful. Surface Transport thru Pakistan and Silk route to Europe.

Implications – Risks and Opportunities for India.

Each country wants to protect its own interests. President Trump…. well…. he wants jobs for Americans, so H1B Visas or tighter Immigration laws. So for STEM studies, consider options Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Bharat…. well, each has its own pros and cons….. not easy!!

India must find its own solutions for Skill Development to enhance Employability, Rule of Law, speedy justice and less Government more Governance….

For all this to happen, Corruption must be curtailed. Can each one of us do something… take baby steps…. take the SEEGOS pledge and follow the SEEGOS way.