And for a Friday after the release of McKinsey India Report, some thoughts….. some musings…..

First Volunteer receives first shot of Covishield vaccine of Oxford University
manufactured by Serum Institute in Phase 3 trials in Pune Hospital

COVID-19 Management in India has reached dimensions where Panic and Fear of contracting the virus seems to have decreased drastically. TV pictures of Italian cities hospitals overflowing with patients onto the sidewalks, the dead being buried enmasse etc. etc. had created unprecedented fear. The scare of the unknown – early patients and medical staff faced complete ostracisation. Housing Societies refused to take back cured Covid Patients into their own residences. Things have changed substantially in India. Six months on, knowledge of the Virus has increased. Availability of affordable medicines, hospital treatment capacity wherever needed, are all accessible. Home Quarantine has emerged as the more preferred option. Social stigma has by and large given way to closer support and cooperation. Top ten cities which accounted for 75% of the cases in May are plateauing and now they are less than 30%. The small towns and tier 2 cities are all better prepared. In short, cases in India are well within the “Capability” graph. Ofcourse we can’t get complacent. We need to continue taking all precautions – masking, physical distancing and washing hands.

Life and livelihood is equally important. We need to ensure as fast a normalisation of the earning capabilities of our poor and marginal citizens. Triple lockdown, closure of highways and curfews in cities must stop. Karnataka has rightly led the way. All statutory travel restrictions removed. No e-Pass or permissions to leave or enter the state. Industry, business and Economy must “learn to live” with the Virus. McKinsey in its latest Report – India -Turning Point – outlines the tremendous opportunities for India based on Global trends post pandemic, particularly Digitalisation and Automation, Shifting Supply Chains, greater focus on Sustainability, Health and Safety. But Opportunities need to be grabbed. My recommendations – India needs strong consensus among all Ruling and opposition political parties. More Governance less Government at the Centre and the States. The Indian Entrepreneur Spirit has to be freed. Time for Global CEOs of Indian origin to support Indian revival. Global MNCs have resources much much higher than the GDP of some countries. Just two companies with Indian CEOs at the helm have more Market cap than India’s GDP of 3 Trn $s. How can they help Indian Manufacturing, R&D, Services, Capital formation, Assets etc. etc. Time to pay back to the country. If not now then what use will these Indian Origins be to us. My Pranams 🙏 to all those who are supporting India implicitly or explicitly.

Let’s all work together, continue our fight of the Virus, fight inequality, inefficiency and all corrupt practices. Let’s build our Economy the Globally competitive way, the Honest way, the SEEGOS way.