And for a Friday after watching a gripping Mallu Movie, some thoughts….. some musings…..

India farmers produce US$ 394 billion Dollars of Agricultural
output….. second highest in the World .

The film, C U Soon – hats off to the Movie Makers – what creativity; using the IC (In Covid) lockdown times; R&D; innovation; in 14 days using only I-phones. A Computer screen based Movie – Exciting, Gripping and Novel effects, Dating Apps, Text messages, chatting, Video calls, Voice mails, Computer Files – all combine to give a complete Entertainment. Reinforces my belief that every risk is an opportunity. India has the Talent and Capacity. Just needs the canvas to experiment and flourish. Less Government more Governance. As in Movies and Entertainment, so also in Agriculture.

Rural India and Agricultural sector has been the Saviour in India’s fight against COVID-19. Our multiple Gods in Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras etc. has ensured a very good Monsoon this year with Record Agri Production in Rabi and Excellent Crop Sowing in Kharif. In Karnataka alone 31.3 lakh hectares of Cereals, 18.8 lakh hectares of Pulses and almost 100% of Target area is Sown as of yesterday. By and large similar will be all India too. World Bank had estimated 394 billion $ worth of Agri produce was contributed by rural India. Agri sector will help revive the Indian Economy. But our Babus and Urban Administrators must redefine our priority. Now we have to revive the Economy. No more lockdowns, no more hindrances and obstacles to free flow of goods and people. We must innovate and like the making of movie “C U Soon”, find innovative ways to get on with life, learn to live with the Virus and yet be Safe, always using Masks, keeping one metre distance and washing hands with Soap.

Let us all resolve to prepare and to capitalise on the opportunities the post Covid world will offer, with New alignments, new Business Models and new supply chain, the innovative way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.