And for a Friday, the National awards by the President of India, has also recognised the role of Corporate India, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Recognition of top class Indian Industrialists like Anand Mahindra and Venu Srinivasan by National Awards is a recognition of the role of Corporate Sector in Nation Building .

In the stressed post COVID world, with the Chinese Imperialistic ambitions on global display and US being openly challenged as the sole Super Power, India’s option to maintain Global relevance is to be Economically strong – grow from a 3 trillion $ economy to 5 trillion at fastest pace and offer the world a better alternative to the Chinese business model. For that to happen, the Indian entrepreneurial spirit must be unleashed. With 121 unicorns this year alone, it’s already a great start-up story and Padma Sri to Anand Mahindra and Venu Srinivasan is undoubtedly recognition of Indian Industrialists and Corporate Czars to continue to raise the standards of Professional management, International competitiveness and imbibe global standards of Governance. Every state Govt., irrespective of political hues must also work to create jobs at every skill point at district level in relevant sectors in food, education, health, environment and most importantly value added agriculture.

Equally important is to critically relook at our criminal justice system, inherited from colonial times. Corrupt politicians in collision with equally compliant, inefficient Babudom and sleazy businessmen should be disabled from hijacking the concept of fair play and integrity of the system. The recent arrest of my friend Pratip Choudhri the former Chairman of India’s largest and most respected bank, State Bank of India, has been most despicable. The bank has very categorically stated that the alleged property sale was done thru well laid down procedures as per the policies of the Bank. Nothing was amiss. There was no need to arrest such a senior person and make a mockery of the system.

The pandemic has thrown up unique challenges to every major global power. Let each one of us look for and capitalise every opportunity, the competitive way, the ethical way, the SEEGOS way.