And for a Friday after a forgettable T-20 World Cup Tournament, some thoughts..… some musings…..

The Victorious Australian Team…. Justifiably exuberant….

Cricket is not just a sport in India, it’s a religion. Nothing unites the Nation as an India-Pakistan cricket match. Almost every other activity comes to a halt. TV viewership is highest and advertisers take in the Moolah. Whatever the facts and justifications, India lost to Pakistan in the league match and it just snapped up the Team and the Indian TV cricket enthusiasts. Rest is history. Australia went on to win the World Cup in a very clinical and incisive way. The other finalists, New Zealand, were made to look like Club cricketers. The Australian Captain Aaron Finch recalled the turning point was his getting out on the second ball of his innings which brought in Marsh, who with Warner just smashed their way to an Australian Victory.

In India, Cricket is played at various competitive levels, right upto “Galli cricket” in almost any open space, with all sorts of locally available playing gear. From Srinagar to Kanyakumari and Bhuj to Agartala, Cricket stars are ikons and hugely followed. Not only a Tendulkar or Dhoni or Kohli, thanks to Social media, even state level and now IPL players are closely paged. This naturally endows on these Stars to be very responsible, displaying only nationally acceptable social behaviour. In this context, Hardik Pandya showcasing his 5 crores ( later 1.5 crores ) watch exhibits a certain sense of lack of “sensitivity”. We are still a developing nation with almost 75-100 million people below poverty line. Post pandemic, many families are struggling to cope with daily challenges of life. HNIs and the super rich, be it sportsmen, business people or any vocation, must show discretion. We need to promote Aspiration, but not kindle desperation and frustration.

Be it sporting events or family functions or social gatherings, COVID appropriate behaviour is a must. God’s Grace and an excellent on-going vaccination campaign, still keeps Covid in India under control. Europe, particularly Germany, with the severe fourth wave is a grim warning. So let’s partake in any celebration, the cautious way, the responsible way, the SEEGOS way.