And for a Friday of Christmas week in Mumbai, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Successful Bengaluru Experiment….. fully dressed Police Mannequin….. 250 of them scare Violators away…..

Christmas is a great fun filled week in all three cities that I live in, MUMBAI, Bengaluru and Thiruvanthapuram. The pattern is the same. Christmas Eve Dinner, late night Parties, lots of Booze, fun and frolic. 25th is Christmas lunch, mostly with Relatives and friends. Common across all three cities are traffic snarls. But must say, MUMBAI manages the best. The Mumbai traffic Havaldar is made of a different superior metal!!! Thanks to the likes of Dr. Pasricha, who in the Eighties set up studied systems and SOPs which work even now. MUMBAI road length 200 kms has remained the same in last decade. But private cars were 51 lakhs in 2009 and Today more than 106 lakhs. Add to that two wheelers and the notorious three wheelers in suburbs. We cannot limit Vehicles. Hence we need to constantly improve our systems using Technology and developing civic sense and discipline. Hats off to Mumbai RTO. The likes of Ex-Transport Commissioner Mahesh Zagade IAS streamlined RTO using Computers and mostly cutting out Touts and middlemen. Today in three RTOs – Tardeo, Wadala and Andheri – zero waiting time for Learners and Permanent Driving licence. All online as per the applicants convenient date and time. Kudos ????……

The new Motor Vehicles Act 2019 has stringent punishments and huge fines. But more than the law, we need to find unique Indian “Jugaad” technologies to work on the Road to improve our attitude and discipline. Am example is Bengaluru is a fully Police Uniformed Mannequin installed in strategic location scare traffic violators. As soon as they sight a cop they correct speed/lane discipline. 250 such mannequins in the city. Great success; so much so a team of French Police Personnel are studying the success to implant in Paris.

As you navigate traffic this Christmas and New Year, let us all resolve not to be just Armchair Critics, but help our city traffic administration the legal way, the ethical way, the SEEGOS way.