And for the first Friday of the Brand New 2020, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Good old conventional Personalised cards….. physical, touchable…..

New year celebrations are time immemorial – 2000 BC, starting with Messopotomians to when the Gregorian Calendar was established in 1582, from when every first January, New Year Resolutions and celebrations are done en masse. How times and Greetings have changed. I remember in the seventies and Eighties and almost to the nineties, when New Year Cards, Inland letters, Post Cards and long handwritten letters from Friends, Relatives and office colleagues were received. Post normally starts arriving much before Christmas. “Hang-String” Technology – Every card, letter, Cover with Foreign postage stamps are meticulously hung. Extra strings added as 31st approaches. Every Family member could read the names and remember Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Friends. For almost two weeks the “Hang-String” occupied the pride place in the Drawing Room. Alas, all gone courtesy Social Media and Smart phones.

Today it’s all forwards, long videos, musicals, general sermons, nothing personal, no intimacy, no relationship, with each trying to be smarter than the other. Most often the same videos, with just name changes. Each family member has his/her own overload of messages and videos. Nobody has the time/patience to share with each other – no letters, no mails. Instant gratification, constant change, presto delete!!! and into the virtual dustbin.

I am old fashioned and conservative in remembering those who wished me and not forgetting to wish the elders, family members, close friends, colleagues, updating names and latest coordinates. The Christmas New Year week is for sharing love and affection. So let’s keep some traditions alive, the Loving way, the Caring way, the SEEGOS way.