And for a Friday back in Aamchi Mumbai, the dream city, the rags 2 richness city with its smart and ugly face, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The coastal road, once completed, a world class beauty with 125 acres of Gardens on reclaimed land and underground parking for 1850 cars.

Mumbai has its unique importance as Commercial Capital of India. It accounts for more than 30% of Income tax, 60% customs and 100% of Stock Market Accounts of the Country. Mumbaikars have capacity to combine modernity with tradition, sweat all assets, make honest riches and yet be citizen friendly. One classical example is the 1880 built water reservoir at Malabar Hill which supplies potable water to South Mumbai from Colaba to Peddar road, Altamount road..… the typical Mumbai island city. On table top of the reservoir is the famous Hanging Garden with its iconic Boot House. The reservoir receives fresh water from Tansa and Vaitarna lakes and is being completely rebuilt to increase capacity from current 80 mn litres to 190 mn. Most importantly, this will be done without a single days stoppage of potable water. Also not to forget the commendable progress of the Coastal Road – a two km tunnel going beneath Malabar Hill and under the sea connecting Napean Sea road to Marine Drive thru a 40 feet diameter tunnel. A civil construction feat, first time in India. That’s Mumbai’s efficiency – the smart face.

Have to admit – the Ugly face – I am wondering how could the former Police Commissioner of Mumbai Param Bir Singh vanish into thin air. The Maharashtra Govt had issued a LOC (Look Out Circular) in July. If a LOC is issued, immigration is impossible. Passport systems immediately gets red-flagged and the person is arrested and handed over. Imagine, such a senior IPS officer demoted from Mumbai Commissioner to DG ( Home Guards ) reports for duty on May 2nd ( is all over the TV channels and print media ). He then chooses to get sick and admits himself to hospital and lo and behold he vanishes into thin air. Nobody knows where. A grim reminder of the nexus of the politicians, police and the underworld. Corruption at its most blatant.

Each one of us, responsible law abiding citizens, also have our rights and privileges. Let’s exercise it, the cooperative way, the legal democratic way, the SEEGOS way.