And for a Friday in mid January, two major events now and a memorable one then, some thoughts….. some musings…..

1. Michael Siebert then German Counsel General in Mumbai… is all smiles
2. Joe Biden taking Oath as President & Kamala Harris as Vice President of USA
3. The Border-Gavaskar Trophy Winning Indian Test Team

The memorable event, it was January of 2016 when I was pleasantly surprised to hear from the then German Ambassador that the Federal Republic of Germany had decided to bestow on me the “Bundesverdienstkruez”, The Cross of the Order of Merit, the highest Civilian Award in recognition of my work in improving and supporting Indo-German Relations, as also my contribution to improving Governance and Work Ethics in the Indian Corporate sector. It was undoubtedly a moment to cherish for me and my family. As a principle, I only value recognition which is never solicited or canvassed for.

Events now, the First Woman to be sworn in as Vice President of USA along with Joe Biden the President, Kamala Harris, is an Indian origin American with Maternal roots in Tamilnadu, not to speak of the nineteen senior positions in the Biden Administration who have cross Indian roots, some of them even first Generation migrants, helping President Biden to script his “American story of hope, not fear; unity not division; light not darkness”. But how good they will be for India? Well, let’s wait and see.

History was made, this week at Gabba stadium in Brisbane. The haughty Australians were handed over their first defeat in a Test at this Venue in 32 years by a matured, calm, stand-in Captain and a cobbled up bunch of youngsters, some playing their first Test Match Cricket. They displayed the Spirit of Youth and “Never-Say-Die” attitude to overcome insurmountable odds and win the Series and the Trophy. Many human interest stories, but Mohammad Siraj’s was most memorable. While on tour in Australia, his father passed away in Hyderabad. This young lad still with tears in his Eyes continued to play and scalped a five wicket haul, retained that kookaburra cricket ball, a real memorial for his father.

2020 is passé. Let us herald the new year with renewed hope, with COVID vaccine paving the way for more happier times, the cricketing way, the ethical way, the SEEGOS way.