And for another Friday after the mayhem in Delhi by the protesting Farmers, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Tractors were used to forcefully hit Police barricades and intimidate unarmed policemen on duty. This tractor driver got killed as his Vehicle overturned in the melee.

The Samyukta Kisan Morcha, a motley umbrella body of 41 Farmers Unions from Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh, completely disgraced themselves, trying to hijack attention on Republic day at Delhi. Whatever be the problems, how so ever genuine the concerns, by vandalising the sanctity of the Republic Day, this agitation has lost the support of all right thinking Indians. One must also sympathise and compliment the total restrain shown by the Police inspite of gravest provocations. More than 400 policemen have been injured, some seriously and 75 Govt vehicles destroyed. Someone must be accountable.

These outbursts and violence is part of the larger malaise, consequences of the Appeasements policies, political expediencies and a false sense of “Entitlement”. Concept of Socialism has been so deeply ingrained in the National psyche that farmers want free/subsidised inputs and assured prices for produce. Organised labour wants total security and ever increasing wages linked to inflation and nowhere connected to productivity or sustainability of the Organisation. Politicians happily distribute freebies, vote catching populism for short term political and self aggrandisement. One state Govt has just announced “Sari-Dhoti” scheme – 57 lakh poor people will be given a sari or dhoti at subsidised price of 10 rs. Where is this money to come from? The tendency to give “fish” must end. We need to teach “fishing”. The country has to increase productivity. There is no further scope to tax the hard working tax paying middle classes. The super rich have options. They will migrate or send money abroad. Every developed country have open door policies for the wealthy. As Indians we must get back to basics – values of Integrity, honesty, mutual respect, sincere hard work, curb greed and corruption.

Let’s discard this pseudo socialism benefiting only the corrupt. Let’s each try baby steps to Nation building thru competitiveness and productivity, the globally competitive way, the integral way, the SEEGOS way.