baayeeAnd for a Friday in Mumbai….. some thoughts……

The “Baayee” system in Mumbai, like the “Dabbawallas” are unbeatable, professional, passionate and performing.

The efficiency of a typical “Baayee” of Mumbai is unmatchable, logistics is worked out. Walking distance from the hutment colony or the 6.18 local from Ghatkopar. Once at destination, it is clockwork and presto!!!! Exactly 45 minutes and off to the next flat.

I am told, every minute 13 rural Indians move to urban India, searching for livelihood. To get the big demographic advantage, we need a million jobs every month. It’s a challenge for all of us to rise to.

India has limited scope for large scale commoditised products manufacturing; China is already the efficient, low cost world capital for manufacturing. The developed world of Germany, Japan, US has high-tech, capital-intensive manufacturing with humans being replaced by robots and this too, is out for us.

India needs an innovative, completely different model of growth – the Mumbai “Baayee” model, high productivity, reliable, non capital intensive, low cost with optimal efficiency..

Our future is as much in appropriate manufacturing as in human oriented specialised services, nurses, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, drivers, waste collectors and disposers, local waste water recyclers, terrace gardeners etc. You keep the “Yuokoma” humanoid robot for household in Japan…..I prefer my baayee…

Necessity is the Mother of Invention . As long as income is there, job aspirants irrespective of caste and creed will follow. For a Govt Sweeper’s job Postgraduate Brahmins applied.!!!!!!!

Slowly but surely economic considerations will override every other aspect. We must all support this positive trend by encouraging and participating in Skill Development Centres – the SEEGOS way.