And for a Friday after an impressive first quarter recovery and also the unfolding terror threats from Afghanistan, some thoughts….. some musings..…

Justice NV Ramana, 48th Chief Justice of India
Courtesy – India TV News

India’s GDP growth of 20.1% in April-June21, in spite of localised lockdowns and disruptions due to second wave during late April to early June, is definitely a good sign. The Share Markets are in a dizzy, climbing best ever peaks week after week. However let’s be cautious, prudent and extremely wary. Hospitality, Travel, mini and micro businesses, the marginalised and dispossessed are all still reeling in distress. The economic recovery, investments and job markets, particularly in high employability sectors, are very crucial. We need both international and domestic capital to come in and consumption, Investment and Demand led growth to revive. One of the most important prerequisite is peace and law and order.

Al-Queida threats from Afghanistan has already triggered NIA (National Investigative Agency) to forewarn of IS-inspired modules in Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. An environment of peace and rule of law requires every state to have efficient and independent policing. Unfortunately, in many areas the nexus of Corrupt Politicians with the Mafia and subjugated Police has led to a great disillusionment with our criminal justice delivery system. I still vividly recollect July 1995, the plight of one of my very close and very own Rajan Annan – Mr. Rajan Pillai, one of India’s most successful International Corporate Businessman, then Chairman of Brittania, often referred to as the “Biscuit Baron” – he was tortured and denied even basic medical treatment, leading to his death in custody. Current CJI Justice NV Ramana has observed at a recent NALSA event, quote “The threat to human rights and bodily integrity are the highest in Police Stations. Custodial torture and other Police atrocities are problems which prevail in our Society. Going by recent reports, even the privileged are not spared third-degree treatment“. Hence the Supreme Court mandated Police Reforms are a MUST in every State, to ensure long term Good Policing and guaranteeing rule of law.

The country is not only fighting a Pandemic, we also need to revive the economy and simultaneously counter any threat to our internal peace. Let’s all work together in communal harmony, in a cooperative way, in a cohesive way, in SEEGOS way.