And for a Friday in Mumbai, the Banking and Commercial Capital, ICICI Bank MD issue…… some thoughts…..

No one will challenge that corruption has become part of our DNA. Crony politicians, inept bureaucrats and sleazy businessmen have made it a systemic issue. But India is not alone. Corruption in China is as monumental as its Great Wall, France ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy faces charges and Former Brazilian and Korean Presidents are behind bars.

Honest Professionals need consideration. Let all not be brushed aside – successful CEOs have studied well, competed to get into the best Educational institutions and worked hard and smart to climb the tough Corporate ladder. Their leadership and Entrepreneuship created Jobs and Markets, supported wealth creation, enabled higher taxes collection and helped build the Nation. Let us not rush to condemn anybody.

I only have info from the published Newsreports on the ICICI issue. What would I have done?….. well as the number One of the Organisation – The Chief, The Leader – temporarily step down till the Board and Regulator get an Independent verification of facts from gossip and come back in full gusto. Compliance is following all laws. Ethics is the “inner conscience” – the voice within knows.

All Indians have a right to dream big, study, get a good job, start a new Venture, join Politics, buy a Big house, a car, etc. etc. and get rich. Nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. The means is equally important. Lets all work towards the better Governance path, the Ethical way, the truthful way, the SEEGOS way.