ipad-generationThis Friday, some thoughts while watching my grandson, all of 17 months, demanding his parents to selectively play only his Favourite Nursery Rhymes on the iPad.

If the new Sixties are like the Forties, thanks to better preventive health and better financial and career opportunities, then the current Twenties, we must reconcile as the new Forties, in their wisdom, multi tasking and capacity to handle “Disruptive Technology”.

The younger generation can outsmart their parents. They have better comforts of life, sharper technological tools, global exposure and an India on a growth path.

The hype about startups and big bucks is a lot of media buzz. Youngsters beware, shortcuts seldom work. Nothing like sustained hard work and determination.

The interconnected global village that we live in requires each one of us to constantly retrain ourselves, increase our capacity to handle stress, plan our economic models better and lead a balanced life.

Only then can we support ourselves, our families, our communities and our country……. the SEEGOS way.